Chins Shell

Chins Shell

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First Name * Chins
Last Name * Shell
Username * dragonio3
Country * Serbia
Nationality Australia
Languages EnglishSerbian


Current Position character artist
Current Company DarknessBlade
Areas of Expertise Sculptingcreature designZBrushSculptrisKeyshotPhotoshopTraditional
Preferred Tools ZBrushSculptrisKeyshotTraditional



I love to create innovative and intriguing designs for creatures, monsters and especially dragons, each creature always has an interesting story behind them that makes them have depth and meaning. Most of the designs are quickly sketched in traditional/ line art, or 3D in Sculptris, and are changed and experimented with until i am satisfied with the design, after I use ZBrush or photoshop to refine the design, fix topology, pose, then render in Keyshot.

I am able to model with Maya, I can model hard surface objects In Maya, Uv Unwrap, and use other programs for baking, I can take an organic model from ZBrush and convert to low poly, Uv Unwrap, bake, and texture it, so it's game ready (Also using programs such as Simplygon).

I would like to be a character concept artist for any game or a 3D character artist that can both concept and make 3D models into game ready models.


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